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honey ginger chicken air fryer

Honey Ginger Chicken - Easy Air Fryer Chicken Recipe

Honey ginger chicken is a delicious Asian dish that combines honey with the zesty kick of fresh ginger to make the most scrumptious air fryer chicken thighs recipe. The marinade infuses the chicken thighs with a perfect balance of flavors, resulting in a juicy and aromatic main course.


1 lb boneless chicken thighs

2 tbsp of honey

2 tbsp sweet dark soy sauce

2 inch ginger jullienned

2 stalks of green onions, sliced (white and green parts separated)

1 tbsp oyster sauce

1 tbsp sesame oil

1 tsp Chinese 5 spice powder

Garnish (optional)

Green part of green onion

Sliced red chilis for spice